This article outlines the key features of the Advanced Formula Booster, a tool designed to enhance your experience with formula management in

    The mdBoosters App Center

    Formulas are created and managed in our App Center, rather than directly within the interface. First, you will need to register as a user in the App Center, which is free. After logging in, you will be prompted to authorize the connection between the App Center and your account, enabling you to start creating formulas.

    A powerful editor is provided to simplify and enhance the design process of your formulas.

    Our system doesn’t depend on’s functions. Instead, we have developed a unique set of functions designed to effortlessly achieve your formula objectives. We are always expanding this set with new functions, so feel free to request more.

    A testing module is integrated within the editor, enabling you to test your formulas as you create them, without impacting your board data.

    If you require assistance, our App Center features an embedded ticket system for easy access to help whenever needed.

    Installation Tutorial

    How to Create a Formula and Add an Automation to Run It